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Into the Ocean


FACTS SIS is where our parents can keep up with their child’s progress through the school year.  You are able to see lessons that were taught for a particular subject on a given day, see the homework that may be required/grades as well as order lunch.

We must have an email address on file to give someone access and they are only able to access their children. Contact the school office if you are having problems accessing FACTS. Click on the link to gain access to FACTS SIS from here.

Scholarship Links

Genesis Christian School accepts most of the state of Florida scholarships, FTC, FES-EO, FES-UA, and the Hope Scholarship from Step up for Students or AAA, which are the two scholarship funding organizations approved by the state.  You may apply for these scholarships by clicking on the links provided or the images below.

(Click on links to be taken to websites for more information)


Step Up For Students

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