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Kids with Capes

K3/K4 & VPK

To be enrolled in Pre-Kindergarten/VPK, students must be 3 or 4 years old by September 1 (depending on what class they are entering PK3 or PK4), be ready for a structured classroom environment, and be completely potty trained.  

Free VPK:   8:30-12:00  

(VPK children may arrive at 8:00 am without morning charge)

(VPK children not picked up by 12:00 will be entered into wraparound and accrue charges below)

Wraparound:   (12:00-2:45 pm)     $32.50/Daily         $90.00/Weekly

Payment: Yearly tuition charges are divided evenly, and are to be paid over 10 monthly installments, August 8 – May 8. The tuition payment of $625.00 (K3) and $360.00 (K4) is due on each Monday beginning of the month. Accounts not paid will be charged a late fee. The full tuition will be charged each week regardless of the number of days your child has attended.

In order to be accepted into VPK, each child needs to have a certificate from The Early Learning Coalition. Click on the link below to apply!

VPK & School Readiness Funding 

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